Virtual Account Solution

Say "No" to Percentage based pricing. Flat 8 per transaction

Create virtual account and start accepting payments in NEFT | IMPS | RTGS | UPI immediately

Virtual Account based CMS Virtual Account API Virtual Account Reconciliation

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Flat Fixed Fee per transaction

Pay as you go

8 / per transaction

(No upper limit)

  • Less than 100 1
  • Less than 10 0
  • No upfront cost

Create virtual accounts for free, we only charge for transactions.

How it works?

Create Virtual Account

Create virtual account from our web dashboard or API or bulk file upload

Share it

You share it to your customers using our e-mail and SMS notification services or your own workflow


Collect payments in NEFT / IMPS / RTGS modes from any bank. Customer can pay from any bank website / bank app or all popular UPI apps


Get 24 X 7 instant notification about payment in our web dashboard, email or webhook


By default we do the same working day settlement to your bank account. You can configure for instant real time settlement or multiple settlements per day. Both are 24X7 settlements.

Web Dashboard


Create customers. Every customer gets unique virtual account


Know who did the payment by seeing the name. No UTR or screenshot required.


The reports make your life easier. Daily statement, monthly statement, consolidated statement and more.

Virtual Account API

Get a fully equipped testing environment and start your integration.


Create virtual account by calling single API


Get 24 X 7 notification via webhook for every payment

Done with integration? Go live in 1 day

Virtual Account FAQ

What is a virtual account?

A virtual account number is a unique account number which is mapped to an actual bank account number. Virtual account number inherits all the characteristics of an actual account number. A customer makes payments to a virtual account the same way as to an actual account number. Virtual account numbers are commonly used to ease collection and reconciliation.

Can I use the Paysharp virtual account solution without API?

Yes, using our web dashboard, you can create an account and start using it immediately.

Do you provide a developer API or test environment?

Yes, signup to get access to our API and sandbox test environment.

Do you have bulk upload option?

Yes, you can upload your customers and create virtual accounts by bulk uploading a file.

How much do you charge to create a virtual account?

It is free, we only charge for payments.

How much do you charge per transaction?

Our charges are fixed not percentage based. If you are using the “pay as you go” plan, we charge a fixed price per transaction. If you are using the “prepaid” plan, we don’t charge anything per transaction.

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