UPI Payment Gateway

Enable UPI payments in your website or app, Accept payment from Gpay, PhonePe, BHIM, Other UPI apps

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Flat Fixed Fee per transaction


UPI Payment Methods

Mobile Intent

Tap and Pay, Tap(Click) and pay from a your Android App / Mobile website

Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamically generate QR code for an order so customer can scan and pay using any UPI apps

Collection Request

Send collection request to any UPI handle/VPA and accept payment

How UPI Payment Gateway Works?


Create order with the amount, order can be created as mobile intent / dynamic QR code or collection request


Present it to your customer in your website, App , Based on the options provided by you customer pays to the order using any UPI App by tap and pay or scan and pay or approving the payment request


Get automatic realtime notification to your system via webhook or API get the order status via API

UPI Integration / UPI APIs

Get a fully equipped testing environment and start your integration.


Create UPI intent, dynamic QR code, get order status by calling REST APIs


Get 24 X 7 notification via webhook for every payment


Add platform specific plugins and complete the integration in hours.

Done with integration? Go live in 1 day


What is UPI payment gateway?

Payment gateway which accepts UPI payments in various methods such as mobile intent payment, QR code payments and UPI collection request payments.

How is Paysharp’s UPI different from?

  1. Paysharp provide UPI handle for your brand name Example your_brand@bank
  2. Flat pricing, no percentage based pricing
  3. T+1 settlement cycle, Next working day settlement
  4. UPI APIs like UPI deep linking for better customisation
  5. Best success rate on UPI payments

How does Flat Pricing work?

Generally Payment gateways charge in percentage based pricing, paysharp only charges fixed flat charge per successful transaction.

How does UPI settlement work?

Paysharp does T+1 working day settlement, T+1 means next working day settlement. Example Today’s transactions will be settled by Tomorrow morning, in case Tomorrow is a bank holiday amount will be settled by the next bank working day.

Do you provide a Dashboard?

Yes, we provide a web based dashboard to review transactions and settlements, also we provide useful reports to view and download.

How does integration work?

Integration is very simple, we provide REST APIs, webhooks, plugins and a fully working sandbox environment for your development and testing to make the golive process easy.

What is the pricing per transaction?

Pricing is based on volume commitment, we charge a flat fee per transaction.

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