Split Payment Solution

Enable frictionless split payments with Single API Call, One-stop solution for integrated collection and split settlements for high value payments

Flat Pricing Same Day settlement Single API call

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Flat Fixed Fee per transaction


Split Payment Use Cases

Market Place

Split payment to suppliers or vendors and take commision

Service Aggregator

Include multiple stakeholder in the split settlement flow and split the payments seamlessly

How Split Payment Works?


Create order with the amount and split accounts details


Present it to your customer in your website, App , Based on the payment method provided customer pays to the order, get notified about the payment status in realtime


Amount settled to settlement accounts as per your order definition and get notification to your system via webhook or API get the order status via API

Split Payment API Integration

Get a fully equipped testing environment and start your integration.


Call API and define order value, split payment parameters we take care of everything


Get 24 X 7 notification via webhook for incoming payment and split settlements


Add platform specific plugins and complete the integration in hours.

Done with integration? Go live in 1 day

Split Payment FAQ

How does Split payment work?

Once payment is received as defined in the split payment API, the amount will be settled to the list of supplier or vendor accounts and the remaining amount will be settled to the merchant’s account.

How is Paysharp’s Split payment different from?

  1. Easy to implement, Single API to collect and split payment
  2. Cost effective. Flat pricing, no percentage based pricing
  3. Same day settlement and next working day settlement
  4. Split pay works with Virtual account and UPI payments
  5. Designed for high transaction values and volumes

How does Flat Pricing work?

Generally Payment gateways charge in percentage based pricing as, For split payment other payment gateway charges collection and split two charges, PaySharp only charges fixed flat per successful transaction.

How does Split Pay settlement work?

Paysharp does the same working day settlement, Transaction received post cut-off time will be settled on next working day.

How does Instant settlement work?

For selected customers based on the use cases, Paysharp processes the settlement in two hours in the bank working hours, Transaction received post cut-off time will be settled on next working day. For instant settlement, Paysharp additionally charges a small flat fee.

Do you provide a Dashboard?

Yes, we provide a web based dashboard to review split payment transactions and settlements, also we provide useful reports to view and download.

How does integration work?

Integration is very simple, we provide REST APIs, webhooks, plugins and a fully working sandbox environment for your development and testing to make the golive process easy.

What is the pricing per transaction?

Pricing is based on volume commitment, we charge a flat fee per entire split pay transaction.

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