Paysharp: Dooly case study

About Client

Dooly is using Paysharp virtual accounts for payment collection from customers, including businesses. Dooly helps customers to apply or renew passports. Corporates use the service to apply for passports for employees. To avoid payment gateway fee Dooly collects payments via bank transfers.

Cash Collection

Earlier they accepted cash payments from customers. To collect payments they sent executives to customers, collect payments and then deposit to their bank account. Later they stopped accepting cash payments with an exception being made for senior citizens and disabled people. Dooly encouraged customers to make bank or UPI transfers by providing a discount. By doing this they received 95% of payments by bank transfer.


Upon the bank transfer, the customers notified the support team about the payment, who then checked with the accounts team. The process saw a setback with a delay in response due to several credits with the same amount. They could not educate all the customers about the UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number, because it is a one time payment and not recurring customer payments. So the reconciliation process involved the time consuming task of matching the UTR number and matching each customer's payments. Every day they spent 2-3 man hours for manual reconciliation.

Alternative Solutions

Following are some of the solutions they are using but not the primary payment method

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways did not work well for the following reasons.

They wanted the money in their bank account immediately to process the application and they could not wait for T+3 working days. Further either they or the customer needed to bear the payment gateway transaction fee. Since the margins are low they needed to collect the transaction fee from the customers but not all customers were ready to pay the payment gateway fee.

Google Pay / PhonePe

Due to the popularity of UPI apps, the customers paid to the business’s bank account and shared the transaction screenshot. The solution did not make the company’s work any easier because still the support staff had to verify the UTR number against the bank statement.


Paysharp's solution automated reconciliation without manual effort so that the business no longer had to verify the payment with UTR number and match the customer payments as the system did all the work.The company then started sharing its Paysharp virtual account numbers to its customers upon their booking. Likewise, the customer made the payment to the assigned account number, and the Paysharp system took care of the process. The company received payment settlements to its bank account on the same day without losing a percentage of revenue.


The company reclaimed the man-days spent on reconciliation.

They are using auto acknowledgement features so that their customers receive automated response once the payment is received.

Each customer receives a unique account number. Returning customers use the same account while making payments for family members or other employees in the organisation.

The support team is not required to check with the accounts team for each payment, they have separate logins to check payments On Paysharp


Using the Paysharp virtual account solution, Dooly saved a lot of time and money. Additionally, it also enabled the business focus on their core business and revenue generation rather than on handling payments and reconciliations.