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BBPS Bill Collection Solution to collect

Why should you pay 2% per transaction to payment gateways?

Pay a flat fee per transaction, 50X to 100X Cheaper than payment gateways

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Paysharp helps B2B businesses to collect bill payments from business customers in various payment channels and payment modes using Bharat Bill Payment System with flat pricing.

What is BBPS?

BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)is the one stop bill payment solution by NPCI, also known as “Anytime, anywhere bill payment”, Any customers can pay bill from familiar UPI App or Bank App or even in physical touch points.

What is BBPS B2B Payments?

BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) expanded new category B2B payments with flat pricing to include B2B business in the BBPS eco-system, B2B business can onboard as a biller in the BBPS and start collect payments using BBPS. Paysharp takes care of onboarding and end to end payment collection and settlement.

BBPS Advantages

Flat Pricing - Approx. 50X to 100 cheaper than payment gateways


Guaranteed settlement

Anytime and anywhere bill payment

Multiple Payment Channels

Multiple Payment Modes

Physical touch point option

BBPS – B2B Payments Advantages

Payment against invoice

Multiple Invoice Support

Adhoc Payment support

Developed for high value and volume transactions

Pricing is always flat for any value